HABC has started work on St James Manor in Los Angeles, this project includes renovations and an addition to the assisted living facility. A new elevator, mechanical room, and walkway will be added to serve the second and third floor tenants in the multi level building. Many other site improvements will be made to the existing buildings as well as new roofing to connect the apartments.

HABC has broken ground on a new project; the renovation and remodel of a transitional care center located in San Luis Obispo. OSHPD will monitor the construction and renovation of the project and HABC looks forward to working with the statewide health planning and development organization. Demolition is underway, and the project is off to a great start.





A few pictures of the progress of the new library for Louisville High…


HABC wishes everyone a happy 4th of July! Thank you to all our current troops and the men and women who have served our great nation in years past, God Bless America!

HABC breaks ground this week and has started St Anastasia’s school campus playground. This summer project includes a large steel/fabric shade structure with seating areas for the students, along with decorative concrete flatwork to accompany the new playground. This Fall students will be able to enjoy the new outdoor campus space!