HABC recently completed a courtyard and gardens for Nazareth House Los Angeles. The residents at the Senior Living facility are now able to enjoy exercise on the pathways that surround the gardens and soak up the peaceful outdoor atmosphere. View the video below.

HABC has started work at Nazareth House Care Center located in San Diego. This project includes renovations to 10,000 sq ft. and an addition of 2,000 sq ft. to the existing Care Center. The expansion will allow for all existing resident rooms to be enlarged into suites including ADA approved restrooms. The Care Center will also be getting all new electrical through out.

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Progress at St. James Manor is looking good. All structural steel will be in place at the end of this week and the elevator is up and running. HABC will begin finishes for the project this week.  Seeing the steel components come together with the very limited space  has been very rewarding. Our inspector described it perfectly, “ You guys are building a ship in a bottle.”

Construction of the elevator at St. James Manor assisted living community is pictured above. Progress continues this week as the elevator unit is shipped, the last of the steel components are completed and all the flagstone is installed. Looking good!

Here are some recent shots of work HABC has done at St. James Manor assisted living community. Construction and masonry for the elevator lift is complete and work on the additional rooms for patients continues to make good progress. More photos to come!


Here are some recent pictures of the progress we are making at the St. James Manor project. The elevator masonry work and building renovations are pictured above. We also have a superintendent learning Korean 😉 “Caution!”

As Bella Vista Courtyard 1 nears completion with the room remodels and deck waterproofing in progress, Courtyard 2 infrastructure below the building begins. This requires a working platform to be built below the deck as the crawlspace floor is 15’+ below the deck to be removed.

After nearly three months of extensive water rot repair underneath a section of the building, HABC begins the rebuilding phase of the project at Bella Vista Transitional Care Center.



HABC’s San Luis Obispo project is making good progress. Here are some photos taken of cranes bringing in the lumber. The material had to be lifted over the rooftops and lowered in for construction of the new courtyard.


Primary stages of the new elevator for St. James Manor, assisted living facility. Foundation and prep work for the elevator and structure is underway, off to a nice start!