13 600x400watermark 14 600x400 watermark 15 600x400 watermark Here are a few photos of the landscaping and colored concrete work that is in full swing at La Reina School.










Photos of the concrete work at Echo Horizon. Prepped, poured, smoothed and finished…glad to have this work done before the rainstorm that hit Southern California!



7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14Progress photos of demolition at Echo Horizon School. The old playground and asphalt is being removed to prep for the new outdoor space. Looking good.


10 600x400 watermark 11 600x400 watermarkHABC continues to make progress at La Reina School, pictured above is some current site work. A large planter, that will provide seating for students and colorful landscaping has been installed. Also concrete flatwork is poured and finished. More progress photos to come.


4 resized56 3 Untitled-1HABC has started campus remodeling on Echo Horizon, a private school in Culver City. The school wishes to reinvent the existing classical playground to provide the students with a new upgraded outdoor space. The playground will provide students with much needed shade, non-carcenogentic synthetic turf, premier sporting courts and highly saturated colorful resistance striping. All designed to give the students a safe and delightful experience while attending school.