As Bella Vista Courtyard 1 nears completion with the room remodels and deck waterproofing in progress, Courtyard 2 infrastructure below the building begins. This requires a working platform to be built below the deck as the crawlspace floor is 15’+ below the deck to be removed.

HABC finished work at St Anastasia’s and the new campus plaza is complete. The outdoor space includes an eating area, serving counter, shade structure, concrete flat work and brick flooring. We hope the school students enjoy this area for many years to come!


After nearly three months of extensive water rot repair underneath a section of the building, HABC begins the rebuilding phase of the project at Bella Vista Transitional Care Center.



It has been a busy couple of weeks over at Louisville High School, and the progress on the new Library shows it. The interior is framed, floor to ceiling windows installed, outdoor steel shade structure is up, foundation for the outdoor patio is finished and the mission tile roof nearly complete. But perhaps our favorite feature so far, is the concrete decorative pavers used for the patio. The herringbone pattern gives the outdoor space a little something extra, such a great design choice. More pictures to come…